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Plastisol Dip Molding

Dip molding creates a plastic form of an actual part or object, and can be a more cost-effective method than injection molding. A metal mold of the object is immersed in liquid plastisol, cured, and when released from the mold, the hollow plastic form can be used to cover an object to protect and insulate it. This process is ideally suited for slip-ons, handgrips, end caps, electrical guards, underground apparatus, boat lifts, and dock caps.


  • Dip molding can accommodate both small and large scale items.

  • Short to long production runs of 100,000 items.

  • Mold design assistance.

  • Eliminate the need to source raw materials from multiple vendors.

  • We offer prototyping and sample test runs to evaluate coatings and improve product performance.


Available Properties

Thermal Insulation, Stress and Impact Resistant, Electrical Currents, Corrosion Resistance, Sound Deadening, Wear Resistance, Vibration Dampening, UV Resistance

Available Finishes

Finishes from Matte to Glossy, Standard Colors, Custom Colors

Finish Thickness

.030" to .180"

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