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Compression Springs

Compression springs are open-coil helical springs that resist compressive axial loads. The most common form of this spring is a cylindrical helix formed from round wire, with closed, square-ground ends.

When you work with Springs Inc, you get the dedicated resources of our experienced design team who will assist you from selection of materials and calculations to the finished product. Select from a range of finishes, materials, end types and wire profiles.


  • Compression spring types include helical, concave, convex, conical or custom-shaped.

  • Specialized tools from SMI to help you design your next spring project.

  • Test new spring designs and improve product performance with rapid prototyping.


Common Materials

Spring Steel, High Carbon Steel, Low Carbon Steel, Nickel Plated Carbon Steel, Stainless Alloys, Non-Ferrous Materials, Elgiloy®, Hastelloy®

Material Options

.007 In. to .500 In. in Wire Diameter, Round Wire

Spring Body Types

Helical, Conical, Barrel, Hourglass, Custom Diameters

End Options

Open End, Open and Ground, Closed End, Closed and Ground


Zinc, Gold Iridite, Black Oxide, Passivated, Shot Peening, Dykem®

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