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Bed Powder Coating

Fluidized bed plastisol coating is a metal coating technique where heated parts are immersed and vibrated in a powder coating to obtain a uniform thickness and then cured. This method is ideal for covering wire forms, irregular shaped parts, sheet metal and stampings providing a coating that will cover the entire product, even hard-to-reach wire cross welds.

Aztec offers complete plastisol coating capabilities in our 33,000 square foot production facility along with extensive industry knowledge to help you to determine the most effective coating for your process.  Our proprietary process results in extremely consistent overall coating thicknesses for wire baskets, and forms with detailed construction.

  • Aztec can accommodate both small and large scale items.

  • Short to long production runs of 100,000 items.

  • Eliminate the need to source raw materials from multiple vendors.

  • Wide selection of coating materials with a range of properties.


Available Properties

Thermal Insulation, Stress and Impact Resistant, Electrical Insulation, Corrosion Resistance, Sound Deadening, Wear Resistance, Vibration Dampening, UV Resistance

Available Finishes

Decorative Finish, Finishes from Matte to Glossy, Standard Colors, Custom Colors

Finish Thickness

.007" to .015"

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